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Facts worth knowing

Polyurethanes (PU) are a highly versatile group of plastics that we find wherever we look today. Depending on its formula, PU can be flexible or rigid, hard or soft, which means that it can be used for instance for effective thermal and cold insulation, car bumpers, furniture upholstery, car seats or mattresses, and of course in construction foam cans.

The history of polyurethane

What initially sounded like a crazy idea quickly took hold. The chemist Otto Bayer developed the first polyurethane in 1937 and registered it for patent.

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Polyurethane in day-to-day life

Polyurethane is everywhere we look. Be it as a high-performance insulation material for energy-efficient buildings, as comfortable upholstery for your favourite chair, steering wheels in cars or art: Polyurethane is everywhere.

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PU foam and health

PU foam is a technical-chemical product that offers a number of benefits. It stands out thanks to its good insulating properties and easy handling.

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All documents available for downloading are listed in this overview.

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Quality and legal considerations

The regulations regarding PU foams are just as diverse as the possible application fields.

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Interesting links

Please visit the following websites for more information about PU foam can products and the use of polyurethane in general:

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