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PU foam.

For a cosy home.

What is PU foam?

PU foam.

Practical for all tradesmen and handymen.

How is PU foam used correctly?

PU foam.

A quality product.

What guidelines are there?

PU foam.

Environmentally-friendly insulation material.

Can you save energy with PU foam?

PU foam.

Indispensable for tradesmen.

Where is PU foam used?

Welcome to the PU foam information centre!

Popular across the board! Polyurethane (PU) and PU foam are used in almost all walks of life: in buildings, furniture, automobiles just to mention a few. Although this product is well established in recreational and creative fields, polyurethane and its benefits are largely unknown to the general public. This website aims to address this knowledge gap. It contains in-depth information, as well as interesting and also curious facts about PU foam. We hope you enjoy discovering the PU world!

Upcoming dates

11. – 13. Oktober 2017

Rosenheimer Fenstertage 2017, Rosenheim

Das Branchenevent für alle, die mit Fenstern zu tun haben.


VFF Güteprüfer- und Montage-Seminar, Frankfurt am Main

Seminar des Verbandes Fenster + Fassade.


Fachtagung Holz- und Holz-Metallfenster im Oktober in Berlin

Am 25. und 26. Oktober trifft sich die Branche zur Fachtagung Holz- und Holz-Metallfenster in Berlin. Motto ist diesmal „Holzfenster in Denkmalschutz und Sanierung“.

10. - 12. Januar 2018


Die Fachmesse für Baustoffe, Bausysteme und Technik für industriell und gewerblich genutzte Gebäude.

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