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Building with PU foam means building for the future!

Construction foam cans are incredibly versatile. Private and professional users can solve many challenges with the practical PU foam from the can. Construction foam can be used to insulate, adhere, mount, fill, model and affix. It helps save time during installation and application, saves costs in the long run and reduces the consumption of valuable energies and resources as well as preserving the environment thanks to lower CO2 emissions.

PU foam from the can — the all-rounder for construction tasks

Construction foam is found everywhere. As inconspicuous as it is, it is extremely versatile. Regardless of whether a window joint needs to be insulated, a door mounted, an opening in the wall filled or the installation of sanitary elements, PU foam cans are used everywhere. There are several reasons why the construction foam can has become a universal genius. Construction foam is easy to dose and can also be applied in difficult-to-access places. Assembly foam adheres to almost all surfaces and helps to connect parts. But the most important reason for the success of PU foam is its excellent insulating properties. The huge advantage of construction foam is its ability to save energy and conserve resources.

PU foam application fields

The best known applications for construction foam are installation, assembly and the insulation of windows and doors. However, anyone who takes a closer look at a building will be amazed to see where else PU foam is used.

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Practical tips

Construction foam has proven its practical value many times and is appreciated as a practical tool by tradesmen and handymen alike. To ensure that these all-round helpers function correctly, the PU Foam Information Centre has put together some practical tips for handling assembly foam.

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Working safely with PU

Whatever tool you hold in your hands, it is important that you know how to use it. When used correctly, PU foam is certified as safe.

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Questions and answers about PU foam

There are almost as many names for PU foam as there are applications. But regardless of the name, some questions are repeatedly asked when working with the products. The most frequent ones have been listed here.

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