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Practical tips

Be it for installing windows or doors, attaching thermal insulation composite systems or simply filling openings in walls: construction foam has proven its practical value many times and is appreciated as a practical tool by tradesmen and handymen alike. To ensure that these all-round helpers function correctly, the PU Foam Information Centre has put together some practical tips for handling assembly foam.

Properly handling PU foam

What do you have to watch out for when you are holding a PU foam can in your hand? You will find the basics here.

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Removing construction foam

Even when you are really careful, sometimes you miss the mark. Here you will find seven practical tips for removing PU foam.

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Storing PU foam cans

Didn’t use up the construction foam you just purchased? When storing PU foam, you should consider the following.

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Recycle PU foam free of charge in Germany

Spent assembly foam cans should not be placed in the household waste, yellow sack, mixed construction or tin plate container. Your residual contents are too valuable for this!

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