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PU foam types

PU foam, versatile and proven

The first construction foams appeared on building sites in the early 1970s. Today, there are special foams that have been optimised for almost every specific purpose. For instance, there is an assembly foam that is particularly well suited for application in the winter. Here is an overview of the most important PU foams.

One product – many names!

PU foam is not only versatile, it also has many names. We made a list of all the common PU foam names for you and show you which foam types should not be confused.

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1-component PU foam

1-component PU foam cans have a market share of 80 percent and therefore dominate the construction foam market in Germany.

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2-component PU foam

The 2-component PU foam is much stronger than 1-component construction foam and hardens very quickly and evenly.

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Window foam

One of the main products used to insulate and fit window joints is PU foam. Today, about 80 percent of all windows and doors in Germany are fitted and insulated with PU foam. What distinguishes a good window foam?

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Frame foam

Doors should absorb day-to-day impacts without wobbling. This is why there is special frame foam that is used to attach door frames allowing them to withstand continuous heavy loads.

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PU adhesive foam for bonding and insulating

PU foam insulates, seals and bonds, and features particularly strong adhesive properties. It is most frequently used for mounting thermal insulation systems.

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Winter foam

Winter foam is a special type of assembly foam that can be used at low temperatures.

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Well foam

Well foam was developed to allow waterproof adhesion of concrete rings and well shafts.

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B1, B2 and B3-PU foam and fire protection foam

Construction foams that were developed as low-flammable PU foams for filling and sealing joints are usually simply called fire protection foams.

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MDI-reduced foams

MDI-reduced foams, or MDI-free PU foams, arrived on the market around ten years ago. Here you will find the definitions for these special foams.

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Filling foam

Filling foam is always used if a hollow space in a building needs to be closed quickly and efficiently.

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