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2-component PU foam

The 2-component PU foam is much stronger than 1-component construction foam and hardens very quickly and evenly. This helps to control the hardening process. If the strength, hardening speed and homogeneity of the foam structure are dominating factors, it is best to opt for a 2-component PU foam. A typical use for 2-component assembly foam is the fitting of doors.

2-component PU foams do not react with ambient moisture, instead they have another reaction partner: the so-called wetting or hardening agent. This is located as an extra packaging element, either in the can or supplied separately. Before starting, the user must activate the hardener so that the pre-polymer in the can and the hardener can be mixed well. This process is described on the can. The success of the mixing process is shown by the even colour of the PU foam. 2-component foams, in which the substances in the can react, need to be processed within the time stated on the can label.