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Construction foam: one product – many names!

PU foam is not only versatile, it also has many names. Unless we refer explicitly to a specific PU foam type in the information texts, the information is valid for all PU foams listed below. Assembly adhesive is the only exception.

The basis for various products

Generic names for PU foam are common

  • Construction foam
  • Assembly foam
  • PUR foam
  • Insulation foam
  • Filling foam
  • Site foam

Properties or areas of application are indicated by names such as

  • Frame foam
  • Well foam
  • Window foam
  • Winter foam
  • Fire protection foam

The terms differ depending on whether an extra foam pistol is required for using the PU foam can or if an adapter tube is attached to the can, which is just screwed on

  • Adapter foam
  • Pistol foam

Does the PU foam require a humid environment for hardening or does an additional enclosed component handle this? The following names provide an indication

  • 1C PU foam
  • 1-component foam
  • 2C PU foam
  • 2-component foam

Sometimes confused:

  • PU adhesive foam
  • Assembly adhesive

These are actually two different products. PU adhesive foam is often used for mounting thermal insulation composite systems (TICS). In addition, it can be used quite universally. Two examples of this are gluing plasterboards or gypsum fibreboards in drywall construction and foaming cavities between individual thermal insulation elements, wall openings and similar. Adhesive foam is offered in customary pressurised cans as adapter foam or pistol foam and replaces classic cement. PU adhesive foam is valued primarily for its strong adhesive properties and short drying times. Like all other PU foam cans, the used cans can be returned free of charge for recycling.

Unlike adhesive foam, assembly adhesive is offered in plastic cartridges and in tubes. Assembly adhesive is always used when drilling, screwing and nailing should be avoided; for example, when mounting a mirror in the bathroom. Assembly adhesive is available in various chemical compositions, including a PU-based composition, but it is not actually considered a PU foam.