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How to clean a PU foam gun - 4 practical tips!

Anyone who works with PU foam a lot will usually use a foam gun because this makes it easier to apply the construction foam. To prevent old foam residues clogging up the PU foam gun, it is important to clean it carefully after use. Here are four important tips:

Tip 1: Carefully unscrew the foam gun

[Translate to Englisch:] PU Schaumdosen reinigen

First, carefully unscrew the gun foam can from the gun. You need to be careful here because the can is still slightly pressurised.

Tip 2: Clean the PU gun using the gun cleaner

We recommend using a special gun cleaner to clean the gun. First, apply the cleaner to the adapter of the PU foam gun to remove residual foam. Then wipe again with a clean cloth and ensure that there are no residues left that could cause problems later.

Tip 3: Screw the gun onto a cleaner cartridge.

Then screw the gun onto the cleaner cartridge. Now simply squeeze the trigger and spray the cleaner into the spray tube. The pressure will push out any remaining PU foam. As soon as the cleaner fluid is clear when it exits the gun, rinse the tube again thoroughly. Finally, simply wipe the tip of the gun with the cloth again and the PU foam gun is clean.

Tip 4: Protecting the floor and surroundings

We recommend placing a box or bucket under the gun when you are cleaning it to prevent anything landing on the floor that needs to be wiped up afterwards.


When working with construction foam or during cleaning, you should wear safety gloves and goggles. Of course, smoking and open flames are also strictly prohibited.