Storage and transportation of PU foam cans

What do you need to bear in mind when storing and transporting PU foam cans?

If you want your PU foam cans to work well in the long-term, ensure that they are stored correctly. Some tips:

Tip 1: PU-foam cans should always be stored upright!

If the construction foam cans lie for too long, the fluid contents of the can will clog the valve, and it is no longer possible to apply the foam evenly.

Tip 2: Dry the cans and store in a cool place

Storage at cool temperatures has a positive effect on the shelf life. It is important that the PU foam cans are stored in a dry place to ensure that the metal of the cans do not start to rust. If this does happen, the foam may explode from the can. This could lead to serious damage. Also, a damp environment can damage the rubber valves causing them to adhere more easily in higher humidity.

It is recommended that you follow the advice provided to prevent nasty surprises.

Tip 3: PU-foam cans should be stored upright and should be secured!

For instance, in the sales box that is secured well in the boot of the vehicle and not on the back seat. Individual cans can also crash into a ceiling or similar.

Why? Cans transported loosely in the vehicle can roll backwards and forwards. Sometimes, a can may become damaged and release foam spontaneously in the vehicle. Caution! Do not use damaged PU foam cans! It is almost worse, if the can is only damaged. If you are tempted to use them, damage could cause the PU foam to exit suddenly during use.

Tip 4: Do not leave construction foam cans in vehicles

Vehicles can heat up very quickly in the sun. Temperatures in excess of 50°C are reached very quickly. This is the critical temperature at which the compressed gas in the can will expand excessively and the over-pressure will cause the can to explode.

Tip 5: You can reuse opened construction foam cans

It is usually possible to store 1-K adapter foams and PU gun foam with the attached guns and/or with a screwed-on adapter. To allow this, the adapter tube or the spray gun must be cleaned with a PU foam cleaner. Likewise, all foam residues that can harden should be removed. Then the opened construction foam can should be stored in an upright position on the shelf so that the valve does not become clogged as quickly.

Prepared in this way, the opened construction foam can should remain fully functional on the shelf for a few days. Do not wait too long to use the cans, because the valves of the open cans still tend to clog.

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