Installing interior doors with PU foam

Interior doors are mounted with PU foam to avoid unsightly screws in the door frame. The right assembly foam for the interior door should be extremely strong so that it can withstand everyday bumps and jolts for many years.

This is where the harder 2C PU foams come into their own. Sealing is less important in living areas. Here, only 20 to 30 percent of the upright frame surface needs to be adhered. To attach interior doors it is sufficient to apply the assembly foam at six to eight points.

Highly suitable for use when fitting interior doors:

2C door frame foam or 2C fast door frame foam

Benefits and uses:

This type of PU foam allows very fast, clean and time-saving mounting of door frames and wooden door linings. The frame foam is hard and very strong after just a few minutes. It is easy to cut and connects masonry with door linings and/or the frame tightly.

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