Recycle spent PU foam cans free-of-charge

Anyone seeking a high-quality material-based recycling program first needs to sort the recycling products into their separate material components. PU foam cans are deemed special waste due to their MDI content. PDR also takes back and recycles MDI-reduced and MDI-free PU foams via the PDR system.

Find out here how you can recycle PU foam cans free-of-charge:

Do you use boxes of PU foam?

You can request for spent cans to be picked up free-of-charge by PDR. How it works:

  • Simply collect the spent cans in the original sales boxes.
  • If you have collected at least six boxes with spent cans, contact the recycling company PDR online, by e-mail ( or by telephone (0800 7836736) to request collection.
  • If you have regular collections of cans and want to use the service more frequently, you can also set up a PDR profile with your own customer login free-of-charge.

Do you only use assembly cans occasionally?

  • Lots of DIY markets and communes take PU foam cans back. Find the next return point near you using PDR’s ZIP code search function.
  • Some DIY markets take PU foam cans back, even in boxes. You can also find these using PDR’s ZIP code search function.

How to return PU foam cans

This short animated film by PDR shows you what you can do in just 3 minutes. Interested? Then click and play.

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